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Come To Milton Keynes Chords
20th October 2000, 8.07pm

(Paul Weller)

From 'Our Favourite Shop', 1985

Chords used:

A:   x02220    B7:    x21202    E9:  020132
Bm:  x24432    Dmaj7: xx0222    E:   022100
C#m: x46654    C#m7:  x46454
F#m: 244222    F#m7:  242222
E7:  020100    Am7:   x02213

A Bm (x4)

A     Bm       A      Bm
May I walk you home tonight
A       C#m      F#m
On this fine and lovely night tonight?
E7                  Bm
We'll walk past the luscious houses;
C#m                   B7
The rolling lawns and lovely flowers.
    A        Bm             A        Bm
Our nice new town where the curtains are drawn,
      A                   B7
Where hope is started and dreams can be borne.
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A      Bm          A   Bm
Let us share our insanity
A        C#m         F#m
Go mad together in community.
E7                         Bm
Boys on the corner looking for their supper;
C#m                       B7
Boys on the green looking for some slaughter.
   A             Bm             A         Bm
We used to chase dreams, now we chase the dragon.
A                         B7
Mine is the semi with the Union Jack on.

Dmaj7                                       C#m7       F#m7
In this paradise lost, we'll be finding our sanity.
Am7                                        E7
In our paradise found, we'll be losing our way,
For a brave new day.

A Bm (x2)

A C#m F#m E7

Bm F#m B7

Dmaj7 F#m

E9 E7

A     Bm       A        Bm
May I slash my wrists tonight
A       C#m     F#m
On this fine conservative night, tonight?
      E7                      Bm
I was looking for a job, so I came to town.
  C#m                   B7
I easily adapt when the chips are down.
  A        Bm           A       Bm
I read the ad about the private schemes.
  A                           B7
I liked the idea; but now I'm not so Keyne.

Dmaj7 C#m E

A Bm (x24)

A (harp)