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Title: Last Nite
Artist: The Strokes
Album: Unknown

Tabbed By: Ricardo Legazpi October 31, 2001 Los Angeles Ca  =W= USA =W=

 Well here is a very good song by The Strokes...This is the first I've heard from this Band.
But Instantly became a fan!! 
Fairly easy song to play very easy chords...Two Guitars play in this song.
I dont know the names of the chords so i will use A B C D E to distinguish the chords..
    99% right!
 Standard tuning:EADGBE  

Intro: (and this is how it ends too)
    Guitar 1 Clean electric
E -------------
B -------------
G -------------
D -------------
A ---3---------
E -------------

[ Tab from: ]
    Guitar 2 Slight Distortion
E -------------
B -------------
G ---5---------
D ---5---------
A ---3---------
E -------------

VERSE: (3x)         
     (17x)           (10x)                (17x) Listen to the song to see what i mean. 
  Chord A          Chord B           Chord C   
E ----8---------------5------------------7--------
B ----8---------------6------------------8--------
G ----9---------------5------------------7--------
D ---10---------------7------------------9--------
A ----0--------------(8)---------------(10)-------
E ----0---------------0------------------0--------
 Last night,     

Bridge/CHORUS(4x): not sure if these are the correct chords but try them..they sound good!
    CHORD D         CHORD F
E -----0---------------------
B -----0---------------------
G -----2-------------5-------
D -----3-------------5-------
A -----3-------------3-------
E ---------------------------
   And people ...   
I dont have the solo if someone can come up with it please send it..thanx! =W= =W= 4 life