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15 Minutes Chords

      D           Bm       A
I was all just a dream, Oh no 
     G          A7                   
The worst it was real 
All my pets they were there and they smiled 
Take a seat it looks fine 
D              E7
Everybody so inviting 
E7                    A7
They got it in for me I know 
It's not that I don't really love you 
It's just that I don't really know 
The hateful things you think you want to say 
Time will turn them into jokes 

          D          Bm        A
If it was all just a dream, Oh no
       G             A7
Was it real? I don't know 
If it was you were on there with me 
Overjoyed in a peach 

(This part is Like the firts verse)
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