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12 51 Chords

E                 D
Talk to me now im older
A                         E
your friends okay cause i told her
E                      D
friday nite's so damn lonely
A                        E 
change your plans a damn for me

we can go and get forties
fuck goin to that party
im really not fixed so i went out
alright, lets go, you convinced me
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12:51, is the time my voice
found the words i saw
is this the stage i walk
or could be shutting out, for us

oh we were tense for sure but we was con-fi-dent

kiss me now that im older
i wont try to control you
friday nite's so damn lonely
take yerself it dont want me

are ellie and bitzel at home now
i rather tell you than this way
we can go and get forties 
sometimes i sing it backwards,
but hey that's okay