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Around The Bend Chords

Around The Bend-String Cheese Incident
By colin lickwar
pretty close

e                           a
gonna pick myself off the ground
e			 a g# f#
that old feeling comes around again

ive had enough of feeling down

something ive lost that must be found again

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 c#m           			 a
sometimes it feels like such a hard life
  c#m                            b
but theres good times around the bend
 c#m                  b		   g#m	
roller coster got to roll to the bottom 
  a                  b	 e
if you want to climb to the top again

  e 				a
driving down the highway in the rain
 e			         a g# f#
look out of my window see that south bound train

head light still shining in the brain

stay right on side the church? to ease the pain

 e 				      a
when the snow is gone and the sun is here
e	                a g# f#
rivers song is buzzin in my ear
 e 		            a
sit and watch the treetops sway

here comes a breeze to blow my tears away