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Birds Flying Away Chords

Pretty easy song. It is played by two chords A minor and E minor.
They did an amazing job with this song! Streetlight is such a talented band! 
Hope you enjoy this.-  Ryan Yero
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Am                       Em
I left my country when i was nineteen
Am Em
   Am                        Em
And drifted to a town on the Cuban coast
      Am                  Em
Met a woman who became my life
And oh when i saw her
Darkness fled from me
Am                         Em
And flew like a blackbird into the sun
Am                Em
On the day she married me
Am         Em                      Switch after the dear god.
Dear god
Am                    Em
But now the drumbirds come for me
Am                   Em
Oh now the drumbirds come for me
Lord give me forgiveness
For all that i've done
Am                           Em
Forgive me now of the weight i bear
Am                     Em
Don't keep me on the run
Am Em
Dear god
Am                          Em
I remember climbing up those shoulders
Am                   Em
Coming up under you like a lion
Am                   Em
Coming down like we were dying

Its late...but basically thats the song. you can add whatever other notes to match