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From: Juhani Laakso 
Subject: TAB: Gina by Stray Cats
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 17:52:22 +0200 (EET)

Hello all you Stray Cats fans! Here are the chords and some tabs
for one of their catchiest tunes, Gina, from the Blast Off album. 
I've also included the guitar parts (the intro and the middle-part) 
in tablature. I'm pretty sure they all are right. If you have any 
comments and/or corrections then feel free to mail me at: 
Gina by Stray Cats from the album Blast Off.
(originally written by the Paine Brothers)
Transcribed by Juhani Laakso.
Guitar intro:
For the simple solution, just play D E A four times.
To make it more interesting, play the riff:
     D     E   A D   E   A
e -----------------------------------------------------------
B -----------------------------------------------------------
G -----------------------------------------------------------
D -2-------0-0-0-0---------------0-0-0-0---------------------
A ---0-2-4---------4-2---0-0-2-4---------4-2---0-0-2-4-------       
E ---------------------4---------------------4---------------
   D     E A D         E   A
e ------------------------------------------
B ------------------------------------------
G ------------------------------------------
D -0-0-0-0---------------0-0-0-0------------
A ---------4-2---0-0-2-4---------4-2-2-0----
E -------------4----------------------------
1. & 2. verse:

Chorus (play arpeggio-style, except the last two rows)

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Guitar break: 
The simple way: play D E A twice and D E F#m once.
The tablature for the guitar riff:
  D   E   A D   E   A
e -----------------------0-----------------------0-----------
B -----------------------2-----------------------2-----------
G -----------------------2-----------------------2-----------
D -------0-0-0-0---------2-------0-0-0-0---------2-----------
A -0-2-4---------4-2---0-0-0-2-4---------4-2-2-4-0-0-2-4-----
E -------------------4---------------------------------------
   D     E F#m
e -------------------------2-----
B -------------------------2-----
G -------------------------2-----
D -0-0-0-0-----------------4-----
A ---------4-2-------------4-----
E -------------0-2-2-2-0-2-2----- 
   D   E    A
Oh Gina, don't you run with him
Chorus (arpeggio-style)

3. verse

The ending of the song: 
Play the guitar intro at the same time as you sing this line
(listen to the record and you'll know how to time it right):

                            D               E        A
*(Don't listen baby) Well they say Gina, don't you run with him
*play this 7 times

The guitar-part in the last line is just slightly different over 
the last two chords, try to find it out yourself, it's very easy.

     D            E     F#m
(Don't listen baby) Gina, don't you run with him

Listen to the record and play with it! That is the easiest
way to get the timing and the other things right.



From: (Antti Juhani Tietavainen)

                    Stray Cats : Please Don't Touch

I Heard this song and tabbed it, i hope somebody gets something from it.
It's not original Stray Cat's song, i do not just remember who was the
original writer. Enjoy :)
                                                  Loop 4 times
E ||-3-3-3-3-3-3-3--0--------------------------   ------------
B ||-------------------3-0---------------------   ------------
G ||-----------------------2-0-----------------   ------------
D ||---------------------------2-0----2--------   ------------
A ||----------------------------------2--------   -2--2--2--2-
E ||-------------------------------------------   ----3-----3-
    This part is also main riff, it
    will be played at end of every
Chords are :
Em A  D A  Em
Chorus :
A Em