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Round and Round -- David Cousins             Recorded by The Strawbs

Intro and ending

|-------------------------------------| Repeat
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  A        E        D      A
I drew the blade across my wrist
           E        D
To see how it would feel
A        E      D
Looked into the future
A                 E     D
There was nothing to reveal
    D                E
For we were just the product
       D             E
Of the ever spinning wheel...
D         E        A
Round and round we go...

Come and see me
When the screw has turned another turn
It's not that I'm confused
I have an awful lot to learn
But I will be the one
To make you work for what you earn
Round and round we go...

After all
It's just the revolution I despise
The dawn of revelations
And the flower power prize
I pity those poor children
With no sunshine in their eyes
Round and round we go...