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Hero And Heroine Chords

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Hero and Heroine -- David Cousins        Recorded by The Strawbs

Intro and bridge:


Dm    DmSus2    Dm    DmSus2
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Dm              DmSus2
Hero's face was gaunt and tanned
    AmSus4          Am
His sail was set in search of land
    Csus2             C
His life-raft, solely by him manned
Was guided by the tide
Dm           DmSus2
Heroine wore fleecy white
    AmSus4             Am
She beckoned like some savior bright
Csus2               C
Shipwrecked sailors in the night
Were bid welcome to her side

Where one man's search must surely cease
The irresistible white fleece
Led Hero in search of the peace
Which she alone could offer
Thus he knelt before her feet
Wary lest their eyes should meet
He knew his life was incomplete
For he had yet to suffer

Enticing Heroine, so calm
Took Hero firmly by the arm
Told him that she meant no harm,
That she alone could save him
Hero could no longer speak
While realizing he was weak
His life increasingly grew bleak
For all the love she gave to him

While storm clouds gathered high above
The Heroine he grew to love
Turned slowly to a snow white dove
And spread her wings to fly
Crushed and broken in the end
Hero watched his sould ascend
Knowing that he was condemned
To sail all alone to die