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Since Yesterday Chords

Figured out by: mig (
Artist:         Strawberry Switchblade
Song:           Since Yesterday

I heard it on the radio and was taken back to my younger days.
I never realised how great the lyrics were until I had to
write them down.


D A G A (x2)

Verse 1

D                 Em                G  
  Just close your eyes and you'll remember

    A                       D  
The thoughts you've locked away

       Em                G
When tomorrow comes your way

    A            D
You had to say


          Em        G
And as we sit here alone

        A                  D
Looking for a reason to go on
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        Em                     G
It's so clear that all we have now

        A                       D
Are our thoughts of yesterday

Verse 2

                Em                  G
If you're still there when it's all over

    A                   D
I'm scared I'll have to say

       Em              G
That a part of you has gone

Since yesterday


Bridge (x2 with vocal, x1 without)

D         E        G       A
La la la la la la la la la la la la la

Verse 3

           Em                G
Well maybe this could be the ending

     A               D
With nothing left of you

          Em              G
A hundred wishes couldn't say

"I don't want to"


Bridge to fade