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Pretty Song From Psych-out Tab

Pretty Song From Psych-Out
From the SAC album 'Wake Up, It's Tomorrow,' 1968.
Tabbed and Submitted by HeathrowGiant.

opening: Abm   Dbm   Am   D  E

verse: A   G   D   Gm
       A   G   D   C

next:  F   D   Gm
       D#  C   Ab   A
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'put your trust in me...': Dbm  F#  A  E  B  F#
                           Dbm  F#  A  E  B  D

bridge: E  C  D  A (4x)
        F  D  Gm
        D# C  Ab  A

verse: (sustain note)  B-10-----------------------------

end: E-6----4-------------------------------------------