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Pretty Song From Psych-out Chords

=Strawberry Alarm Clock=
=Pretty Song From Psych-out=
=Tabbed by Matt Weston=

Abm     Dbm     Am      D  E
ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo oooooo

A               G              D           Gm
I can see you , you can see me as we stand  
       A             G              D         C        
We can live forever, God and God is wonderful  
         F               D
And your face I've never seen it
Quite like this before
           D#                C
Though the moon is out , the sun still shines
       Ab        A
You're beautiful

        A              G                D         Gm       
You are on the run and all your problem I'm aware
       A                G               D          C
In the silent world You see the words I say to you
     F                D
I am lost in a poet's dream
where skies are burgundy
        D#                C
Just to wave my hands and say the words
they will be blue

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Put your trust in me
    F#        A
and try to see
     E       B       F#
that all you need is here
        Dbm             F#      A
For the white dove is a prophecy
        E    B    F#
And the farway is near

E            C
Dancers, the ball scenes
    D           A           E        C D A
the gay colored children of hapiness
E           C          D       
Waiting the artists surround it
     A           E        C D A
with flowers and holiness 
With all that surrounds you
     D                          Gm
your problems will have no more meaning
Your mind will be free
    C               Ab  A
And you will see it all

       A              G             D             Gm
Look into the sky the sun is rising see the light
       A                G              D          C
That extends the purest yellow, gold into the sky
As the world awaits
   D                    Gm
It suffice we still are holding on
     D#               C                Ab
To a tender kiss that means so much We start to cry
We start to cry