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Always The Sun - The Stranglers
Transcription by: Ritter1of3 (beginner)

I found that using the Fm barré chords, I was able to find
the appropriate chords easier, as I didn't have to concentrate
on changing finger positions.

Fm barré on 1st fret (basically the F without the middle finger:

                      native  or   Fm-barré
                      EADGBe       EADGBe
                      ------       ---------
Chords used: Dm       X00231  or   10th fret
             Gm       XX5333  or    3rd fret
             Am       002210  or    5th fret
             Bm(Hm*)  224432  or    7th fret

Dm       Gm     Dm       Gm

Dm                                                     Gm
 How many times've woken up         n' prayed for the rain
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Dm                                                     Gm
 How many times've you seen the papers apportion the blame

Am                                   Gm
 Who gets to s'                      ay

Am                                   Gm
 Who gets the work'n'who gets the p' ay

Am                                 Gm                       Am
 I was always told at school       everybody should get the same

 How many times've you been told                             Gm
                                  if you don't ask you don't get

 How many lives've taken your money ...                      Gm
                          ... your mother said you shouldn't bet

Am                                Gm
     And who has the              fun

Am                                Em
     It's always the man with the gun

Gm                     Bm                             Am
 Som'one must've told me if you work too hard you can sweat

Bm                   Am            Gm                   Bm
 There's always the sun (always the sun) There's always the sun

Bm               Em               Gm                   Am
Al' ways         al' ways         al' ways     the     sun

Dm       Gm     Dm      Gm

... second verse ...