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You Look So Good In Love Chords

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You Look So Good in Love
by George Strait

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   G                        Am
1. Oh how you sparkle, and  oh how you shine. That
2. He must have stolen some stars from the sky and

   D                       C
1. flush on your cheeks is more than the
2. gave them to you to     wear in your 

   G                                    Am
1. wine.  And he must do something that I didn't do.  What
2. eyes.      And I had my chances but  I set you free.

   D                  C             D
1. ever he's doing it looks good on you.
2. And now I wonder why I couldn't see.

D        G          Bm7
You look so-------- good-------- in 
Am         D                       G
love.  You want him that's easy to see.
D        G          Bm7             Am
You look so-------- good-------- in love.
D                       G    D
I wish you still wanted me.  


Charles Hines