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Cowboys Like Us Chords

Cowboys Like Us - George Strait
Album: Honkytonkville
Writers: Anthony Smith/Bob DiPiero

Intro:  C    D#    D    G    C

       G           C                G                C
I take off time to time, with those crazy friends of mine
     G            C            G
Head out on steel horses, with wheels and we ride
   F            C       G       C
We burn up that road to old Mexico
     F            C           G
Blend in with the desert, just we amigos
       F   G  F
And we roll

[ Tab from: ]
            C                G
Cowboys like us sure do have fun
           Bb                F
Racin’ the wind, chasin’ the sun
                    C                   G
Take the long way around back to square one
                Bb                  F
Today were just outlaws out on the run
                 G         C           G
There’ll be no regrets, no worries and such
For cowboys like us

   G          C       G           C
We talk about livin’, babies, and women
G               C        G
All that we’ve lost and all we’ve been givin’
   F          C               G              C
We sing about true love, lie about things we ain’t done
F               C              G
Drink one more cold one, come mornin’ get up
       F   G  F
And we roll


Solo:  D     F   G


D#               D  G  C  F C
   Cowboys like us

Bb  =   x13331(bar chord) or xx3331
C   =   x35553(bar chord) or x32010
D   =   x57775(bar chord) or xx0232
D#  =   x68886(bar chord)
F   =   133211(bar chord) or xx3211
G   =   355433(bar chord) or 320003