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Check Yes Or No Chords

George Strait  "Check Yes or No"

   G         D         C        Em7
---3---   ---2---   ---0---   ---0---
---0---   ---3---   ---1---   ---3---
---0---   ---2---   ---0---   ---0---
---0---   ---0---   ---2---   ---2---
---2---   -------   ---2---   ---2---
---3---   -------   -------   ---0---
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verse 1: G         D             C         G          D          C
        It started way back in third grade.I used to sit beside Emmilou
        G            D                   C
Hays.A pink dress a matching bow in her pony tail.She kissed me on the
                 D                  G          D                   C
school bus but told me not to tell.Next day i chased her round the play
                                                 G           D
ground.Cross the monkey bars to the merrygoround.Then Emmilou got caught
  C                                            D
passin me a note before the teacher took it i read what she wrote

Chorus:        G              Em7               C           D  
       Do you love me?Do you wanna be my friend? and if you do well 
      G                 Em7            C                D     C
then dont be afraid to take me by the hand if you want to.I think this
                 D               G   D  C
is how love goes.check yes or no.

verse 2: same chords as verse 1

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