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Anthem Of Our Dying Day Chords

k, well i don't know how acurate this is but i love this song and this way
seems to work for me.

NOTE: i'm not sure, but it mite also be played with a CAPO ON THE FIRST FRET,
but it isn't necessary, it sounds ok without it.


Am, C, Em, G

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n.C            Am
the stars will cry
the blackest tears tonight
and this is the moment that i live for
i can smell the ocean air
and here i am
pouring my heart onto these rooftops
Em                                G      
just a ghost to the world, that's exactly
exactly what i need....


Am                    C
from up here the city lights burn
like a thousand miles of fire
and i'm here to sing this anthem
of our dying day...

second verse is played the same as the are the lryics

for a second i wish the tide
would swallow every inch of this city
as you grasp for air tonight
i'd scream this song right in your face
if you were here
i swear i won't miss a day
cause i never
never have before...