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"I Wanna Be your Dog" by The Stooges

Two guitars should play this at the same time; One does the chords
and the other does the solos.

When there are no solos, the solo guitar should play the same 
as the chord guitar.

As for the chords, I really cannot explain exactly how to play
them, so you'll have to listen to the song itself to get an idea.
All I can say is that for the intro chords, you just play one of
each on a powerful downstrum and hold the last one. 

Again, for the solos, you'll have to listen to the song to
find the correct way to play it.
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Both guitars should drop the bottom E string down a semitone
(1 fret) to Eb.  

F#5    = 3-4-x-x-x-x
F5     = 2-3-x-x-x-x
Eb5    = 0-1-x-x-x-x
F#5/Eb = 0-9-11-x-x-x
F5/Eb  = 0-8-10-x-x-x
(Eb5)2 = 0-6-8-x-x-x < this chord is one octave higher than the  
Db5/Eb = 0-4-6-x-x-x                                  first one
Bb5/Eb = 0-1-3-x-x-x
B5/Eb  = 0-2-4-x-x-x

Key: h   = hammer-on
     p   = pull-off
     b   = bend to the following fret number
     r   = release back to the original fret number
     /   = slide up
     \   = slide down
     ~~~ = vibrato

F#5  F5  Eb5 Hold this chord and play the intro scale below

D|---------1-----1-1---3-1---------------|        The Eb isn't 
A|-----1-4---4-1-----4-----4-1-----------|         shown on the