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I Wanna Be Your Dog (intro) Chords & Tabs

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I Wanna Be Your Dog (intro) Chords

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Date: Sat, 13 Apr 1996 22:38:35 -0400

I Wanna Be Your Dog, by the Stooges,
from the Stooges first album.

Intro and Verse:

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    G/E  F#/E    E

I didn't put the rhythm, but if you know this song,
you know the rhythm. Also--don't neglect the E bass
there, because it sounds way different without it.

The next part I'm not sure about, part of it's right,
but I think part might be wrong. This is what I always
play after the third "I wanna be your dog...":

G, E, D, Bb, B----> "Oh, come on...", C#---->
Then back the Verse part.