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Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 10:42:51 -0400
From: "Daniel S. Fisher" 
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Title  : Don't Be Sad
By: Randy Stonehill
From:  Wonderama (1992)


          E                   A       E
I see the light has left your eyes my friend

         C#m                     Bsus4   B
and your smile looks so tired to me

             E             A      E
Did you lose sight of your simple faith

and start thinking that you can't be free?

   B                        Esus4   E
As long as there's a God in heaven

             C#m                   F#sus4  F#
well, that's not the way it has to be


        A        B    E        A
Oh, no, don't be sad, one more day

A        B             C#
Don't be sad, one more day
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A       B     E       A
Love is here, here to stay

A        B    A        E
Don't be sad, one more day


           E           A       E
Now we all cry so many useless tears

     C#m                    Bsus4   B
over heartaches we can't forget

           E                  A        E
and it's a crime to waste our precious time

shackled by those old regrets

B                 Esus4   E
Yesterday is gone forever

    C#m                      F#sus4   F#
and tomorrow hasn't happened yet

repeat CHORUS


         E                  A        E
Do you recall, when we were barefoot boys

        C#m                       Bsus4   B
and the oak tree was so grand and high?

               E        A     E
and we climbed up to the very top

'cause we wanted to touch the sky

  B                            Esus4   E
I still believe we're meant to do that

         C#m                      F#sus4   F#
you just got to have the faith to try, try

repeat CHORUS