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Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 14:12:20 -0600
From: joe mama 
Subject: seven caged tigers by stone temple pilots

From:  (Mike Wilson)
Date: Thursday, November 7th, 1996

"Seven Caged Tigers" by Stone Temple Pilots

I saw a version of this posted, but it seems wrong to me.  This is my first
transcription, but i practically learned to play the guitar through
transcriptions like these, so I think I can handle it.  I gave the solo my
best effort, and I think it is mostly right, but if there are any
corrections, please let me know.

chords (I pretty much used mostly regular major chords, sometimes converted
into power chords)

G    355433
B    799877 or -244--
E    022100
D    -577--|
D#   -688--|
C    -355--|
A#   688766

intro/verse riff

G - B - E
D - C - B  (after this, there is a 3-chord slide up, something like C-D-E)
E - D - C  C/B (this is a slide down to B before starting next progression)
G - B - E

the first verse starts on the third line of this progression, like this...

G - B - E
D - C - B    C D E (-799--)
E                  D                            C
              Pass the time kickin' as the time rips by

G                  B             E
           Neither goose nor the gander fly

G                  B                    E
             Buy a minute spend an hour burnin', burnin'

D                  C                 B                   C  D  E (-799--)
            Take a peek as the model earns it, earns it

the other verses start on the first line of the progression, rather than
waiting until the third, and scott weiland's words hit on the same basic

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the chorus follows this basic pattern, with a lot of raking:

D#  D#   (rake)  D#  D#      A#
          so the answer gets harder, harder

D#  D#   (rake)   D#  D#          A#
          and the truth's getting farther and farther

D#  D#   (rake)   D#  D#       A#
          and the bottle keeps churnin' and churnin'

D#  D#   (rake) D#  D#       A#              B
          seven caged tigers fly by, fly by





the chords played during the bridge underneath the solo are a slight change
from the verse riff, altered to fit the solo.  I'm not exactly sure what
the chord progression is, but just fool around with the verse and change it
to fit the main notes of the solo and it should sound all right.

here is the progression of the song

bridge + solo