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Lady Picture Show Tab

Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Song: Lady Picture Show 
Tabbed by: John Leadman

I got this off the internet and as you can see it is not complete but enough

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     E  D# C# B A2            then the occasional replacement of D for A2..
e|---7--6--4--2-0-                  e|----5----
b|---7--6--4--2-0-                  b|----5----
g|---9--8--6--4-2-                  g|----7----
d|---9--8--6--4-2-                  d|----7----
a|---7--6--4--2-0-                  a|----5----
E|---X--X--X--X-X-                  E|----X----

And the Chorus - "she doesn't know her name.."
I'm still not sure about this.. sounds matching playing along with the music.
   G# C# F# B     Repeat chords as needed for chorus. At end of chorus,         
e|-4--4--2--2--   to start verse again, end not on B, but on E at 7.