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Heaven And Hot Rods Bass Tab

Stone Temple Pilots: Heaven and Hot Rods

Tabbed by Paul Fivey,

This is just a quick outline of the main parts of the song, 
done by request.  I haven't go a clue about the bridge right now, 
but I'll try to put it in later.

Drop D tuning (If you don't know what that is, you've no chance with this riff!)
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This is a bitch to play, especially if you try to play it all on the 4th string instead
as I know some people like to!

I've broken it up so you can follow it a bit more easily, but its all played with the same
length of note.

The chorus may be something of a relief:


Play this twice.

All I can remember of the bridge is that it starts on B then moves to Bflat then goes somewhere.