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Crackerman Tab

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From: Paul D 

TAB:"Crackerman" by Stone Temple Pilots

Okay, the easiest way to tab this one is by just tabbing out the two or
three basic riffs and fills and then telling the order in which they go.
As far as I know it's in standard tuning, and the solo's in the key of A.
Some info on my tab: ~~~ means vibrato
                       v's in front of a chord means pick upstroke
                       b means bend
                       r means release

                          by Stone Temple Pilots
                               tab by Paul D.

Riff 1 (Intro and Choruses)                                               3x

>.........................Fill A.......................<

Riff 2 (Verses)                                                           2x

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Riff 3 (Bridge)


Okay, here's the lyrics and some notes to tell you which part to play for

Intro: Riff 1 with Fill A
Verse 1: Riff 2    "Kickin' as I'm tryin' to sleep
                    I got the mud beneath my shoes
                    Rubber band, rubber band, gun in hand,
                    Gun in hand I wanna use."

Chorus: Riff 1 (with Fill A, 1ST TIME ONLY)
                  "Roamin', roamin', roam
                   (Get away, gotta get away.)
                   And I think I think too much.
                   (I don't care, yeah, but I don't care.)
                   Roamin', roamin', roam
                   (Get away, gotta get away.)
                   And I think I think too much."

Verse 2: Riff 2   "Trippin' as I'm thinkin'
                   'Bout a boy, his name was Sue.
                   He's a man, he's a man, Crackerman,
                   Crackerman he's a woman too."

Chorus: Riff 1 then go to Bridge
Bridge: Riff 3    "And I'm thinkin'
                   While I'm thinkin'.
                   And I'm thinkin'
                   While I'm thinkin'."

Solo: (not tabbed) Riff 2 (4x)
Chorus: Riff 1 then go to Bridge

Outro: Riff 2 but ends on this chord:  |-------|

Vocal ad lib during outro: "Wind traps,
                            mud flaps,
                            dust blowin' in my eyes,
                            I'm rollin',
                            I'm rollin'..." etc.

For the most part, this tab was created with:
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That's it.  If you need the solo, ask me nicely (by email).  :)
Questions/comments/requests welcome (also by email).
Good Luck!
Paul D.