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Fools Gold Tab

Stone Roses - Fools Gold

main 'jazzy' riff (clean sim)
/ = slide up
\ = slide down
" = double bounce (grace note)

D------7-4/5\4/5\4/5------------------------ REPETE

rhythum 'funk' section (clean wha'd sim)
x = deadend note by dampeing with left-hand
D = downstroke
U = upstroke

[NOTE - the D's & U's shown here are given to provide a brief clue to the funky feel of the song, 
it was verry difficult to describe and map out this rhythum so just listen to the song and mess 
around. I suggest playing allong with the CD with your guitar on a clean channel, when you think 
you'v got it add the wha pedle!]
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   D  U  D  D UDU D
D--5--x--5--5-xxx-5------------------------------------------------------ REPETE

bass walk

This walk can be hered throughout the song being repeted during the chorus backing up the last 
4 notes of the riff above.


	There's no right or wrong with this song, it's one of those tunes where u just sit down with a 
couple of mates, slap onthe CD and jam. The song is in the key of B (barred on the 5ht fret 
using the e shape) use some funk/jazzy runs and riffs in this key to liven up the constantly 
loping sims and hey presto you should be able to play fools gold.

	If you find 'jamming'difficult to do, then try to pick out the parts tab'd above in the music. 
Then try to play the tabs above, slowly speeding them up untill you can play them with the CD. 
Now that you have seen how i have picked out parts of the song and just played random notes till 
it seemed to fit with the tune you should be able to jam. Not much to it really!

	Any additions or comments, then send them to thanks.

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