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   Yes everyone it is me....i have done it...this song has.....well nevermind what it has but it defnitly has go get the Stinko the wonder Pooch...if yah need information on the group email a brotha at


g:----12--------     x8


D                       G
Big Dreams

D                       G
Bigger Balls

A                      Em     
What it takes

D                       G
To be a rock star

D                      G 
got sumthin to say  
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A                     Em
then we accept you

Em                    G7
till you die

D                      G
then we forget you


F                         C   Am
Apology             of   art

F                         C            D 
knew                   It from   the start

Verse two goes the same as verse one:

some are great singers
others great writers
I’m a great victim
death in a bathroom stall
thirty shots of alcohol 

(use intro)
 big dreams
 bigger balls
what it takes 
to be a rock star   

Chorus again

well there u have first attempt at tab...i hope i have not butchered this amazing song...i kno Stinko the wonder pooh’s legions of fans would