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From: (Ben Scott)

I agree, it's a great album. Iparticulaarly like track 10, Shape of My Heart.
It's a beautiful song, using the same smooth style of classical guitar that 
aappeared alot on Soul Cages. I don't exaactly know the chords but here is the
main riff.

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(note the change from D maj7 in first bar to D in 5th bar. This may not occur 
all the way through.
The bridge (for example at 'money for this art') is approx. as follows.

(just pluck around the chords, as I'm not sure of exact notes played. You'll
get the idea anyway!)
|D-------|A---C#--|D---F#m F#m/maj7|D------|

Oops, I just realised that the last bit should be twice as slow as I've written it. ie |D-----|D-----|A-----| etc.
(I'm not familiar enough with this editing system to know how to delete line or
characters after carrage returns.

Anyway, hope you can make some sense of this,