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Lemon Yellow Sun Chords

  C6/9                 G      D
G|--------0-----0-----0----0--2----2---2---| (x2)

C6/9       G                D
Forget me! that's what you said
C6/9                    G               D
For me it was a summer, that I'll never forget
C6/9          G                 D
The best way, to believe in the fate 
C6/9                         G                  D
It brought us both together, and I know it will again
It's more then just a moment in time
No question in my mind
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The spirit never lies
However hard you try
I could see your tears
In the lemon yellow sun
A picture of your face
Etched on my mind
There's no use trying to hide your feelings

Forgive me, For telling you straight
I'm not about to turn around, and just walk away
The best things, come to those who wait
I'm hold on for dear life, no matter how long it takes

It's only just a question of time
There's no doubt in my mind


I carry a secret I've no one to tell
There's something that I've needed to say farewell to
Follow your instincs
Listen to your soul
There's no one else who knows
No one else who truly knows

Forget me that's what you said
Forgive me but I can't forget
It's only just a matter of time
No question in my mind


So tell me if I'm wrong
And that I'm not the one
Who made you feel alive
In the lemon yellow sun
I know what you're dreaming of
I know what you're feeling
I don't wanna stop myself believing