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Johnny Was Tab

Johnny Was
Written by Bob Marley
Performed by Stiff Little Fingers
Tab - Colt   aka El Colto~

i couldn't find a tab for this song anywhere so one day i had it stuck in my head and
had to figure out how to play it. i got the intro down (except for the random fast
struming before the actual playing). the notes are there and how you play it is shown,
but you'll have to listen to the song for the order of the riffs. here it is:

# lift off to mute strings
+ short note, drop off quickly
> ring out
/ slide up
\ slide down

   these are the main riffs and are the two parts in the intro that repeat in different
orders. listen to the song
  eventually the second guitar and the bass come in with the dotted(.)part
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                                      This is fast, but not too hard
                                             \ | /
                                              \ /  

A-------------------------------------------------------^repeat this^-----A
This is right before Jake starts singing. I don't know if he or Henry played it.  
             %%%  %%%
          i %   %%  % SLF!  
             %  %% %
  in short closing, i must say that you, the reader, are the prettiest opossum trainer
i've ever had the pleasure of spying on from the bushes behind the gas station down the
street from your home. bless you.