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                      *       PLAESE NOTE!          *
                      *THIS SONG IS NOT TO BE PLAYED*
                      *IN PUBLIC UNLESS WRITTEN     *
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              Fat Woman                            Composed by Espen Grotmoll 
                                                    (Roy Orbinson/Bill Dees)

Intro :                                    Intro 2:
d---------0------|----------0-------------|----------0-4-2-0-----|----(the third part x4)

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 D                              A         D
Walking down the street i feel trouble as I go
 D                              A             D
'cause I know she's out and she really needs to know
 G                       C        G
If I still love har as I did last night
 G                                  C       G 
I was really drunk and couldn't say anything right
 A                           E               A
I could not see straight and that will be my curse
 A                    E       A
Things can't possibly get any worse
 D                         A           D
Now I can hear the screams coming from behind
 D                                 A              D
I turn to look around and I see a creature out of line

 Intro 2
 G                 Em
Fat woman  rolling down the street
 G                          Em
Fat woman  the kind I don't want to meet
Fat woman
She is lonely as can be
She is so fat that I can't breathe

Intro 2

D                    G
I said Yeah...... fAT WOMAN!!!!