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From: "David Huei- C. Hu" 
I'm Falling
by Al Stewart

intro and part {A}:     |Dm |Dm/C#|Dm/B|Dm/C|  
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(1)It's Sunday afternoon and it's raining, I'm falling
Colour sections, pastel blue, an empty church, a movie queue, Im falling
(2)Get up, put the kettle on, make us some tea, I'm falling
If we've got some biscuits left, please bring one for me, I'm just falling
(3)Why don't we take the whole next week off work, we're falling
You can say you don't feel well, you caught a cold or something, we're
just falling
   C            C/B    Am    G            F  E          Am    
(1)Watching you moving around, taking the time to get a proper look,
(2)spending the whole day in bed, wasting our time, in such a gentle way
(3)we can get out of town, taking the time to let it all work out
      Dm              E                 Am              A
(1)It seems as though I've never really looked at you  
(2)We hardly need to say a word, it's just okay*
(3)The hour glass is turning, every second counts

{*} Dm          E       Am            Cdim         E
And already the sun has gone and it's growing dark outside,
I can see your face reflected in the red electric firelight,
        Am                       Dm              E                 
And our shadow is an embyro that slowly comes to life and 
as it moves across the wall it seems to feel the fire of living        
growing stronger as it climbs, to shiver in a blaze across the ceiling[Am]
        Dm         E           Am                 
And the soundless crash of the sea
fills the room with the scent of the breeze
And the waves break over the beach of our [Cdim]bodies as you [E]reach your
fingers out to [D]me
(to 3rd verse)

I'm falling...
I'm falling..
I'm falling.

Bb                     A            Bb                        A           
Moving around inside a dream today, falling for you in such a special way

G| F| E| A