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Ribbon In The Sky Chords

(Eb mods to E to F)		(orig key: Db to D to Eb)
[Fm7 Gm7 Bb/C](x3)   Fm7(11) /Gm /Ab /A Ab/Bb Dbmaj9  Ab/Bb

Fm7            		Gm7          C7* *(or Bb/C) 
Oh so long for this night I've prayed         
Fm7               		Gm7   C7*
That a star would guide you my way           
Fm7          		Gm7     C7*
To share with me this special day            
Fm7(11)  /Gm 	/Ab 	/A  Ab/Bb 	     Dbmaj9  Ab/Bb	
Where a rib-bon's in the sky___for our love   
Fm7            	  Gm7 	Bb/C  
If allowed, may I touch your hand,        
Fm7            		Gm7 	Bb/C
And if pleased, may I once again          
Fm7            		Gm7 	Bb/C
So that you too will under-stand            
Fm7(11)  /Gm 	/Ab /A  Ab/Bb 	      Eb 
There's a rib-bon in the sky__for our love.   
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Solo: [Fm7 Gm7 Bb/C](x3) Fm7(11) /Gm /Ab /A  Ab/Bb
[key change]: Dbmaj9  B/C#

F#m7     		G#m7   B/C#
This is not a co-inci-dence         
F#m7         	G#m7 		B/C#
and far more than a lucky chance           
F#m7          		 G#m7    B/C#
But what is__ that was always meant      
 F#m7  /G#  /A  /A# A/B		   A/B [key change]:Bb/C
Is a rib-bon in the sky for our love… 		Love,
	Gm7              Am7  	 C/D         
We can't lose with God on our side.            
		Gm7             	Am7 	C/D 
We'll find strength in each tear we cry.           
Gm7            	       Am7   C/D 
From now on it will be you and I         
     	  Gm  /A /Bb /B Bb/C
And a rib-bon in the sky, 
Adim7		   D7(b9)         
Rib-bon in the sky,    
Gm  /A /Bb /B   Bb/C	  (like solo):[Gm7 Am7 C/D] (3x)
A rib-bon in the sky___ for our love  
 	    Gm  /A /Bb /B  Bb/C	        F              
There's a rib-bon in the sky for our love.