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Higher Ways Chords

ďHigher WaysĒ by Steven Curtis Chapman
album:  For the Sake of the Call
©1990 Sparrow Song/Careers Music
Isaiah 55:8&9; Phillippians 4:6&7
tabbed By Billy Smith/

I am re-tabbing this song because the one that Lisa originally
tabbed is way off!  So I have the correct chords for this song.
I must give the credit to Dona Sherrill for figuring out some
of the strange chords in this song.  So here is the correct version.

G             Em         D
1.	If I could only fly Iíd go up 
G            C   G/B
and look down from the sky 
Am7             D 
so I could see the bigger picture
G                 Em          D 
and lord if I could sit with you at your feet
G      C  G/B            Am7          D 
for an hour or two, Iím sure Iíd ask too many questions
C  G/B         Am7  D/F  
cause thereís so much going on down here, 
G7sus                      Cmaj7
that I must confess I just donít understand,
I donít understand
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But I have prayed and at your feet my whole life
Bm       C            D           Em  
has been laid, so I wonít worry I wonít be afraid
C               Cm              G
cause my soul is resting on your higher ways.
G                          Bm 
So let the road ahead become unclear,
C             D               Em
oh I am yours so what have I to fear
C               Cm             G
If my soul is resting on your higher ways.
Ebmaj7 Dm7   G  
Chorus:  Your Higher ways teach me to trust you
Ebmaj7  Dm7      G   Am7 G/B
Your higher ways are not like mine
Em                  Bm 
Your higher ways are the ways of a father,
Bb                         Am    D   G
hiding his children in his love.

(hopefully you can figure out the rest because it is all the
same as the other verses)

2.	So let it rain and if my eyes grow dim with tears 
of pain, this hope I have will not be washed away,
cause my soul is resting on your higher ways
(does an instrumental and then repeats chorus)

3.	someday I will fly and maybe then
you will take me aside and show me the bigger picture
but until Iím with you Iíll be here
with a heart that is true, and a soul thats resting on
your higher ways.

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