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Finish What He Started Chords

Intro: C

Verse 1 (Bass vocals hum the chords; piano plays a static C note):
You take two steps forward and three steps back
On a journey of a thousand miles
And you cry and you pray
But you know at this pace you never will arrive

Verse 2 (Piano starts playing chords):
       F            Am   G      C               Am
Well I know in your heart you believed from the start
          F                    G       Am
God had a purpose He knit you together for
             F             Am   G
But life has pulled at the seams
           C   Am
And you're unraveling
        Dm7                       C
And you can't hold it together anymore
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    F       G                        Am
But God will, He will finish what He started
   F                     G
No thread will be left unwoven
C                      Am
Nothing will be left undone
      F                G
Every plan and every purpose
        C               Am
That He has will be accomplished
    Dm7      G                F
And God will finish what He's begun

Verse 3:
                     F       Am  G     C            Am
And it may feel like 40 long days in a hard driving rain
      F             G       Am
Or 40 years in a dry desert sand
              F                Am  G
But when He's finished we will SEE
  C             Am
A beautiful tapestry
              Dm7                            C
And know that nothing has been wasted in the end


F  Am
F                                Am
  And we'll stand as the ones completed
By the miracle of His love
                      Em7                  F
We'll sing of His goodness and sing to His glory
               Am    G
As we tell the story of how


I'm not sure about the outro, but it sounds like he's mostly playing an F chord.