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Fly Like An Eagle Tab

Title: Fly Like An Eagle
Artist: Steve Miller Band
Album: Fly Like An Eagle
Tabbed by: Michael Yanek

h – hammer on
p – pull off
v - vibrato
| - bar
O – Repeat sign

NOTE: In the intro riff, it is essential to get the hammer ons
and pull-offs just right.  The pull offs are a little unorthodox
because the 7 is almost inaudible and the next note starts kind
of as your pulling off.  I hope that helps in some manner.
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e |-------------------------------------------|
B |-------------------------------------------|
G |O--------5-5-------7-5-------5-5-------5--O|
D |O------7-5-5-------7-5-----7-5-5-------5--O|
A |---7h9-------7h9p7-----7h9-------7h9p7-----|
E |-------------------------------------------|

After the first set of doo’s, there is this fill
e ------
B ------
G ------
D --5v--
A ------
E ------

Chorus:                 4x
e |----------------------|
B |----------------------|
G |O--------------------O|
D |O------7-------9p7---O|
A |---5h7-----7h9--------|
E |----------------------|

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