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Glorious One Chords

Glorious One by Steve Fee

These chords by Martin and Dustin

Verse 1

D                    A
Our hands are lifted high
Bm                       G
our hearts are bowing in reverence
D                    A
and we're surrounded by
Bm                G
the glory of Your presence

Pre-Chorus 1

    A               G
With every creature every tongue
     A                          G
we're lifting our hearts to the Glorious One
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         D            A
Glorious One Glorious One
Light of the world
You outshine the sun
King of all Kings
eternity sings
         G          D
Glorious One

Verse 2

God of infinite worth
with hands that carved out the oceans
You hold the universe
and still You run to the broken

Pre-Chorus 2

With every heart that's been set free
we're lifting our song to our Glorious King

Repeat Chorus

D        G         Bm    A
There is none more beautiful
D        G         Bm    A
There is none more wonderful