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Billy Austin Chords

Steve Earl -  Billy Austin
Dropped D tuning: 	D = 000232     Dadd9 = 000230
		      G/D = 020033        Bm = x24432  (or substitute x20202)
		        A = x02220
     Dadd9       A/D        G6/D        Dadd9

    D              G/D          A                   D
My name is Billy Austin and I'm twenty-nine years old
      G/D          D          Bm                Bm 
I was born in Oklahoma quarter Cherokee I'm told
                    D           G/D                A
Don't remember Oklahoma been so long since I left home
               G/D                  Bm          G/D         
     A    (D)
Seems like I've always been in prison like I've always been alone
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Didn't mean to hurt nobody never thought I'd cross that line
I held up a filling station like I'd done a hundred times
The kid done like I told him he lay face down on the floor
guess I'll never know what made me turn and walk back through that door

The shot rang out like thunder my ears rang like a bell
No one came runnin' so I called the cops myself
Took their time to get there and I guess I could'a run
I knew I should be feeling something but I never shed tear one

I didn't even make the papers 'cause I only killed one man
but my trial was over quickly and then the long hard wait began
Court appointed lawyer couldn't look me in the eye
He just stood up and closed his briefcase when they sentenced me to die

Now my waitin's over as the final hour drags by
I ain't about to tell you that I don't deserve to die
But there's twenty-seven men here mostly black, brown and poor
Most of em are guilty who are you to say for sure?

So when the preacher comes to get me and they shave off all my hair
Could you take that long walk with me knowing hell is waitin' there?
Could you pull that switch yourself Sir, with a sure and steady hand?
Could you still tell youself, Sir, that you're better than I am?

G/D              D          G/D               A
My name is Billy Austin I'm twenty-nine years old
      G/D          Bm          G/D          Bm
I was born in Oklahoma quarter Cherokee I'm told