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Nice To Be Out Chords

Song - Nice To Be Out
Band - Stereophonics
Album - Just Enough Education To Perform
Tabbed by Darren King

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Capo Fret 2

(x - don't play string)

Chords: (bear in mind that this song use a capo so i'll tab the song
2 frets up, to play openly just go down 2 frets)

D - e-0-  Dmaj7 - e-0-  D+9 - e-0-  A - e-5-|
    B-3-          B-0-        B-5-      B-5-|
    G-0-          G-0-        G-0-      G-0-|
    D-4-          D-4-        D-4-      D-0-|
    A-5-          A-5-        A-5-      A-4-|
    e-x-          e-x-        e-x-      e-5-|

Intro / Riff 1

    D   Dmaj7

Riff 2 (Not until Verse 4 all the way to the end)


Riff 1
Riff 1
   "You" <--- (ALWAYS! start singing while doing the last few chords of Riff 1)

Verse 1

D+9                                  D+9
asked me so where have you been,  Let me think now let me see I

D+9                                D+9
stood once where Hitler's feet had stood when he made a speech, in

A                                   A
Nuremburg in thirty eight, he tried to build the perfect race, He said

D+9                              D+9
black man 'aint gonna run along side our perfect sons <- (start riff 1 while saying "sons")

Riff 1
Riff 1
   "There was" <--- (ALWAYS! start singing while playing the last few chords of Riff 1)

 D+9                            D+9
Dallas too the library, the place they ended Kennedy, we

 D+9                                  D+9
stood where Oswald took his shot in my opinion there's a bigger plot

 A                                 A
Costners back and to the left, the picket fence the better bet
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 D+9                             D+9
Paris came and Summer went, the tunnels now a flower bed <--- (Start Riff 1 singing "bed")

Riff 1
Riff 1

Verse 3

 D+9                                    D+9
famous turf that made Geoff Hurst, the Vodka stops to quench my thirst

 D+9                                  D+9
Golden Gate stroke Alcatraz and the Fat Man failed to get us passes

   A                               A
Jimmy's corner in Raging Bull, De Niro's jokes and bottle pills

Elvis tales from Mr. Wood, would any Richard Burton if you could <--- (YOU GET IT BY NOW?!)

Riff 1
Riff 1
       <---(Don't sing anything)

Verse 4 (Now get a second guitar to play Riff 2 all the way to the end)

  D+9                              D+9
Tourists stare at Tourist stops, one more picture one more God A-

 D+9                               D+9
-nother top up for a change it makes you think it makes you sane

   A                                    A
Talking more about yourself there's a mirror too have a check

Cheques are always passing through, some depart but a lot come too <--- (SAME RULE APPLIES)

Riff 1 <--- (Don't play Riff 2 while doing this)
Riff 1 <--- (                                  )

Verse 5

 D+9                                       D+9
Restaurent talk or pick your teeth, You bite your tongue or chew your meat

 D+9                                    D+9
Sleep or drink or drink to sleep, and one more week and we'll meet, We'll

    A                                  A
talk of what we haven't done, since we departed back a month, We

  D+9                             D+9
argue why we have to shout, all in all it's nice to be out <--- (SAME RULE APPLIES)


Riff's 1 + 2 X12

Order of Song:

Verse 1
Riff 1
Riff 1
Verse 2
Riff 1
Verse 2
Riff 1
Riff 1
Verse 3
Riff 1
Riff 1
Verse 4 (with Riff 2)
Riff 1 (without Riff 2)
Riff 1 ("            ")
Verse 5 (with Riff 2)

The Phonics rock. This tab is 100% correct. Check out Mr. Writer4 as well I did that too.