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Mr. Writer

2 guitars needed one acoustic rhythm one electric lead. Both have a
 capo at the first fret.

Chord sheet (capo on first fret)
Emadd9 (xx2002)
B1 (x2xxxx)
Em(1) (022000)
D6sus2 (xx0200)
C7 (x32000)
G6 (320000)
A7 (x02020)
Cadd9 (x32030)
Em(2) (xx2000)


BOTH                                         1                          2

3                                         4

5                                 6

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Song structure

Starts with drums. On the 7th beat the acoustic guitar begins
 strumming the emadd9 chord for the rest of that bar and then the b1
 on the 4th beat of the next bar. Then the lead guitar plays riff 1
 followed by riff 2 over the following chord sequence. 

Em(1) 2beats  d6sus2  2beats c7  4beats  (do this for both riffs and
 then continue the strumming for the verse (4 times during first verse
)) lead guitar tacet

During the bridge do this sequence (4 beats each chord) d6sus2 c7
 d6sus2  lead gtr tacet

In the chorus the lead gtr plays riff 3 twice followed by riff 4 once
 then a tacet for the final 2 bars (each riff also lasts 2 bars) the
 acoustic then plays 2 bars of the following chord in this order:
 Em(1) G6  A7  Cadd9.

This is followed by an instrumental break again there is a lead gtr
 tacet. The acoustic plays the verse chord sequence twice.

This is followed by verse 2 exactly the same as verse one.

There is then a bridge which lasts for three bars. The lead gtr plays
 riff 5 for the first 2 bars the acoustic strums these chords each
 lasts one bar. D6sus2 c7 d6sus2.

This is followed by the 2nd chorus which is the same as the first.

This followed by another instrumental break which is the same as the
 first one.

That is followed by the bridge that is the same as the second bridge.

That is followed by an extended chorus the acoustic is the same but 
the lead plays riff 3, riff 3, and riff 6 instead of riff 4 this is 
again followed by a 2 bar tacet. Repeat the whole chorus three times.

For the outro play emadd9 for four bars followed by em(2) for two 
bars. The lead guitar plays riff 7 which lasts one bar four times. 
This is finally followed by riff 8 which lasts 2 bars.

That’s it all hope it makes sense.