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I Miss You Now Tab

I Miss You Now

Tab Symbols: h hammer on/off
             s slide up/down
             # bend up
             b bend down

INTRO: Am7             D7               Am7              D7
     E --------------|-----------------|----------------|---------------|
     B ------------7# b7---------------|--------------7# b7-------------|
     G ---------5--7# b7------7# b7--5-|-----------5--7# b7-------7# b7-|
     D -----5h7------|-----------------|-7-----5h7------|---------------|
     A --------------|-----------------|----------------|---------------|
     E --------------|-----------------|----------------|---------------|

VERSE: Am7                                                       D7
      i feel numb wanna hold you wanna tell you that youll be allright

      Am7                                                      D7
      sad news from todays call all the pictures are all in my mind

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CHORUS:G                     G7      (b5)Am7 (b9)D7 (b5)Am7 (b9)D7
      E -----------------------------|-----3-------------3--------|
      B ---------------8--7--6-------|-4h5----4-5-----4h5---4-5---|
      G ---------5h7-s9---8--7-------|-5------5-------5-----5-----|
      D ------5h7--------------------|-5------4-------5-----4-----|
      A -----------------------------|-0------5-------0-----5-----|
      E -----------------------------|----------------------------|
         I.......I           miss you now       (REPEAT)

GUITAR SOLO AT END: Am7           D7
                  E -------------|--------------|
                  B -------------|--------------|
                  G -12#-7#---5--|5h7-----------|
                  D --------7---7|--------------|
                  A -------------|--------------|
                  E -------------|--------------|
                          (THREE TIMES)

I Didn't tab this, just noticed it wasn't here and it has a cool intro