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Help Me Tab

Most of it is here, present and correct as Kelly plays it! 

Help Me(She’s Out Of Her Mind) 
You Gotta Go There To Come Back 
Tabbed By mel chaytor

Despite being nearly seven minutes long, this is a very simple song to play. Once you’ve mastered the main riff, theres only the simple chorus chords and you can play the whole song! 

Apart from that theres a lot of wah wah soloing going on, this would take far to long to type out, so just stick with the A Major/Minor Pentatonic scales and you should be able to work it out yourself. 

Theres also a few variations of the main riff in the song, when he sings ‘she’ll drink you underneath the table, during the third chorus(I think!) and in the 

Intro/verse riff 

This is the way Kelly plays the song live. 

A7 D7 

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The first guitar is playing the chords. From what I could make out watching Kelly play this, I think there may be some notes on the top strings played as well, but just playing the low strings for the chords sound good. The second guitar just plays the single bass notes along the E string with a lot of vibrato. Oh, and I haven’t tabbed the chords exactly as played, its just so you can get the chords and riffs sounding right. 

A7 G#? G5 F6? 
| | 

Clavinet Break 

Here’s the tab to play that funky clavinet riff. Somrthing like this, it sounds good too. 
A D 
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