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Perfect Self Tab

Song: "Pefect Self"
By: Stereomud
Album: Perfect Self

Stereomud is a great band.  I saw these guys in concert; they can put on a show.  The song, "Perfect Self" can be addicting, so be carefull.  I've tabbed the main part of the song.  It sounds about right. I think the key changes somewhere towards the end of the song.  I'm not sure, but I'll post a revised version later.

Standard E tuning (EADGBe)
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                    (repeat forever)


settle down you all
can't you hear the footsteps
down the hall
your waiting for the scream
of your conscience call
and everyone starts dying
What the fuck is wrong, 
I said that I would always
find my way back home
Now Everyone I love has been left alone
and everyone starts dying
It's you and I
Begging for Life
It's you and I

Seems Like in Death
We all become our perfect self
last chance to pray
and rid our self of the pain

Help come when I don't even want it
Do you really believe that I need it
Seems like in Death I'm alive

(chorus) 2x

Seems like in Death I'm Alive
Help comes when I don't even want it
Seems Like in Death
Do you really believe...