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Pusher Tab

Intro solo 
This part played with a slight distortion just enough for a ghostly ring that continues through out the song i suggest brit combo if youve got a processor.ass load of reverb as well.basically an easy few licks and u can almost adlib through the song but this intro part is for sure. If youve got corrections/better way to do it, e-mail me at
"God Damn the pusher"
/= Slideup
t= Tremolo
B= bend
P= pull off
H= Hammer On
rb= slow release on bend
e |----------------------------|-----------------------|--------------------------|
B |----------------------------|-----------------------|--------------------------|
G |--t15--b17--17--t15--t14-h15|-----------------------|--------------b17-rb17---t15------|(Continue Picking till released)
D |----------------------------|--15/17---b17-17-t15---|-h17-15-h17-15------------|
A |----------------------------|-----------------------|--------------------------|
E |----------------------------|-----------------------|--------------------------|
First Occurence (00:41)
e |---8\12-----------|
B |---8\12-----------|(youll find this little diddy through out the song)(best with a slide)
G |------------------|possibly wrong, feel free to experiment but its somthing Very Similar
D |------------------|
A |------------------|
E |------------------|

Main Lick Repeated throughout the song	
e |----X----X-----X-----X|
B |----X----X-----X-----X|
G |----4----5-----7-----5|
D |----5----5-----7-----5|
A |----5----7-----8-----7|
E |----3----X-----X-----X|

E -----12\1=0------------- (requires a slide)

By Ken Ostby, Gig Harbor Washington
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