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So High Chords

Song: So High
Chords and Music by: Black Tern (Carlo Stephen I. Villa)
(Actually composed song ko po ito)

Intro: (c.p:// c - G - Am - F)

Verse I: (Do chod pattern)
You're a queen and I am just a pawn in here
I can't win, In a war where I'm within
I can't decide, My role is just to sacrice
My self, for you
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CHORUS: (Do chord Pattern)
You're so high
You can reach the sky
You can get anything with just a simple smile
Your so high
You can pass it by
Well I am just a simple man with nothing

Verse II: (Do chord pattern)
Under the sun,I've got nowhere to run
But then you came, you've made my life undone
It's so wierd, why is this happening to me
We'll I don't know, what I will do without you

Am                 c
Once I've seen you in my scene
F            G
You are just lying
Am              c
I already know everything
F            G
Please stop pretending...