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Passenger Seat Chords

Author/Artist: Stephen Speaks
Title: Passenger Seat
Album: No More Doubt
Transcribed by: Arbie Glenn Pineda

If you want the complete tabs, go to This acoustic song
is initially played with two guitars, and so i've made a tab which one can play
just by himself. I've changed some chords so as to get a better sound on only one guitar.
Please forgive me if i forget the correct chord names. But just
as well, these are the chords:

Standard Tuning, Capo 5:
	D    - XX0232
	D?   - XX0230
	Bm7  - X24232
	G    - 320033
	A?   - X02030
	A?2  - X02020
	D/C? - x32030
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A few notes before playing: the chords here are strummed, whereas in a 2-guitar set-up
these chords are plucked. Listen to the song and you'll understand what I'm trying to
say. Have fun playing!

Intro: (note: this intro part followed by the regular Bm7-G-A?-A?2)


D         D?
i look at her and have to smile
as we go driving for a while
G                       A?            A?2      
her hair blowing in the open windows of my car
(Repeat guitar part the WHOLE song)

D/C? Bm7  D/C?        A?-A?2
i    know this love grows