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Communion Chords

Stephen Speaks- "Communion"
Tabbed by Dan S.

E  Asus2    C#5    Asus2 (repeat throughout song)

i've this sinking feeling i'm before Your throne 
and these songs i have been singing well they're empty in my throat 
as this plate comes by i realize i'm close to the fire but i'm still cold 
and what once was juice and crackers now becomes my only hope 
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this cup is not enough i must be washed in Your sweet blood 
and stale bread it just won't do tonight 
oh and in my unworthy state i kneel before Your loving grace 
and wish that i could see Your face in mine

i am reeling, realization i'm before Your throne 
and deserving condemnation You make mine your own 
could this be my true communion You and i here face to face
if i'm dreaming let me dream, oh let me never ever wake 

E= 	022100

Asus2=	X02200

C#5=	X46600