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Tennessee Chords

chords used:Gsus4 G C D Em 
(when playing "G" or "Gsus4" during the inro and verses hammer on
and pull of on the B on the a string)

intro:G(sus4) G

C        D                   G           C      D                  G    C
Ive seen rocky mountains and great lakes stood beneeth the redwood tree
        D         Em             C     D            G
but wherever i go my heart aches for a place called Tennessee

Em  Gsus4     D            C                              G
Oh... I wanna be where the whiskey flows like wine and the meth labs are 
D      Em  Gsus4      D         C                             G
devine Oh...come with me cotton grows as tall as oaks and its picked by 
           D            G
poor black folks that`s Tennessee
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verse 2:
C     D                    G           C         D                 G    C
its a place where deuling banjos play where the mountain folk run free
          D                  Em  C       D                G
where the kids can all spell kkk but can not spell Tennessee

Em  Gsus4     D            C                          G            D
Oh... i wanna be where the Hatchie river flows and the kids have 13 toes
Em   Gsus4      D            C                                G
Oh... come with me where the hotdogs are deep fried that`s the reason Elvis 
D                G
died in Tennessee

instrumental:C D G G x4

chorus 3:
Em  Gsus4     D            C                            G                  D
Oh... i wanna see mountain dew in every cup and all the dentists just gave up
Em   Gsus4      D        C                                   G             
oh... come with me in my flat bed pick-up truck is where the classy ladies 
D         G
fuck in Tennesee