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If I Were Gay Chords

Intro: D  Dsus2  D  Em9   (x4)

Verse one:

 D      D/C# D/Bm      Dmaj                             
Here we are, dear old friend 
Bm     Bm/A  G    A  
You and I, drunk again. 
 D               D/C#  D/Bm           Dmaj                           
Laughs have been had, tears have been shed.
Bm        Bm/A       G          A  
Maybe the whiskey's gone to my head.

Chorus one:

    D         A            Bm           G
But if I were gay I would give you my heart.
 D             A           Bm          G
And if I were gay you'd be my work of art.
 D          A               Bm       G 
And if I were gay we would swim in romance. 
 A                   G             A       
But I'm not gay. So get your hand out of my

 D  Dsus2  D  Em9   (x2)

Verse two:
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 D           D/C#    D/Bm    Dmaj                             
It's not that I dont care, I do. 
   Bm       Bm/A   G       A  
I just dont see myself in you. 
 D      D/C#  D/Bm   Dmaj                              
Another time another scene
        Bm     B/A                G           A  
I'd be right behind you.. if you know what i mean.:)

Chorus two:

      D          A           Bm          G
Cause if I were gay i would give you my soul. 
    D          A           B            G 
And if i were gay I would give you my whole being.
    D          A            B             G
And if i were gay we would tear down the walls. 
 A                 G             A       
But im not gay so wont you stop cupping my.. 
 D  Dsus2  D  Em9   (x2)  


 D          Dsus2      D          Em9
We've never hugged... weve never kissed.
      D          Dsus2    D         Em9
I've never been intimate with your fist. 
 D            Dsus2   D        Em9
But you have opened brand new doors 
 D       Dsus2     D    Em9      
Get over here and drop your..
  D      Dsus2    D    Em9   (x4)

End on D

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