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For Me Chords

			     For Me - Stephen Lynch
Tabbed by:  Apostolas

Tuning:  Standard

I haven't seen a tab for this song, so I thought I'd try to make one.  I'm pretty sure 
is how it goes.  Any comments or questions just e-mail me.  Thanks.

Intro/Verse:  When you see the x's, slap the strings.  Play 3x during the verse's, and 
intro is included in the first verse.



Verse 1 Lyrics:

The union of a woman and a man, touchin' for the very first time.

The gentle texture of a hand, true love is always hard to find.

Chorus 1:

Em                                       C    D
And sometimes, my penis ain't as hard as wood.
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Em                                     C      D
And sometimes, your disappointed in my manly hood.

C                       D
I can't take it please, fake it for me.

Verse 2 Lyrics:

Take the nature of love, can only make this relationship grow.

And don't send from heaven above, cause things don't always work down below.

Chorus 2:

Em                                    C    D
And I know, that the porno movies make ya feel cheap

Em                                       C      D
And sometimes, you finish while I'm fast asleep, baby.

C                       D
I can't take it please, fake it for me.

Play intro 1x here.


C               D           G        D
Try so hard to be a man but, so damn hard to please.

C                    D                   G          D
Doesn't help to know that your best friend, runs on batteries.

C                       D
I can't take it please, fake it for me.

Chorus 3:

Em                              C          D
Even though, my love's a little premature, yeah.

Em                                C      D
When you call me, Mr. Softy I get insecure.

C                       D
I can't take it please, fake it for me.

Play the intro once more at the end and strum G once to finish it off.

This is a pretty funny song and it can be found on you tube to get the strumming pattern.

| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note