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Fishin Hole Chords

This song is played in standard tuning
high-to-low (eBGDAE)
It's not very hard to play this song hope you enjoy it.

Greetings from Holland :D

G                       A7	
Wanna have some quality time with my son
Cadd9                                 G
So  I brought him down to the fishiní hole
G                              A7
Didnít like the feelin of that worm in his hand
Cadd9                          D
Got mad, threw down his fishin pole
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G                              A7
Said thatís all right son lets go and get an ice cream
Cadd9                      G
Let your old man buy you a treat
G                             A7
But he didnít like no flavors up upon that wall
Cadd9                           D
Started crying and ran into the street

G                          B7
Heís an a**hole, my kids an a**hole
Cadd9                          G
I swear he just donít float my boat
G                     B7
Always crying, always crying, 
Cadd9                                 G
made me wanna punch him in his little throat

(Play the above thoughout the entire song until the outro shown below)

Cadd9                G
Iím on a real a**hole streak
Cadd9                  G
I could open an a**hole boutique
Cadd9                           G
I think this song has reached its peak
Cadd9                              G  --> (strike hard once)
Goodbye you a**holes, see you next week